abbreviation for couple

used in some chatrooms
user: Young_Cpl_for_bi_female
by skiddidy do wop May 12, 2011
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copy paste lifestyle - same shit different day; you have been pasting a routine that you copied a day in the past.
Person 1: what's going on?
Person 2: not much. cpl man, everyday.
by 3-1-7 May 1, 2011
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cpl stands for Concealed Pistol License. It is the term used by some states instead of (CCW) Carry a Concealed Weapon. The majority of States (33) in the USA allow citizens to apply for cpl permits. The permit does not allow a person to carry a weapon anywhere. People are still restricted from carrying where alcohol is served, government buildings, airports, schools, and so on. Although the requirements vary by state, to get a cpl, a person must pass a background check, not be mentally unstable, or a convicted felon.

You currently can't get a CCW permit in Illinois, but the NRA lobby has proposed a few bills this year to change that.
To bad about the shooting in the church. If the cpl laws did not restrict carrying there, maybe someone could have stopped the shooter before he shot so many people. The police finally arrived after a score of shots were fired and two persons were killed.
by pje April 8, 2009
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Something that is totally great, commonly used by wannabe Cyberathletes.
Person 1: Man that is so CPL!!

Person 2: No dude, it's CGS.
by Kuponuts January 4, 2008
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a "player killer" who roams runescape looks for accounts to Fail on.
pking 1 whip and d bow. but also losing a torso and rune defender on a good account.while fucking up about 7 more. also thinks training 70 mage and str is an huge accomplishment.

cpl thinks he has retired from scape
by castledooom5 December 23, 2007
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Abbreviated Noun For: Creepy Porn Lawyer

One who takes great joy in legally and publicly representing porn stars, prostitutes, pole dancers, white trash tramps.

One who tries to gain popularity and attention "on the backs of others", or rather, "from others being on their backs".

Not to be confused with reputable attorneys.
That CPL is representing her in the court of public opinion.
by Euro DJ September 14, 2018
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Short for Certified Penis Licker, a professional term used to designate male prostitutes
Person 1: "I heard Joe is a CPL, can you believe it?"

Person 2: "I'm not that surprised, he often talks about his suggestive endeavors."
by Almighty Cho April 4, 2022
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