An Irish name used for both sexes describing a beautiful personality, a great wit, charm and elegancy, fantastic good looks and a good sense of security.

Coyle's are placed throughout the world to spread joy and happiness and to bring wit and pleasure to those in need.
AH, she was a lovely coyle, so charming!!

ohhh look at that coyle...hes a right one!
by Kate47567 August 30, 2006
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To have previous plans or arrangements either post-poned or cancelled due to the sudden occurrence of work typically classified as being excessive and unnecessary.
"I was about to go play poker with the guys until I got coyled by my mom. Now I have to re-sod the front lawn."
by Matthew Miller May 20, 2007
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(n) an extremely fat gym teacher that makes comments about how fit he or she is
"Hey would you take a look at that coyle over scarfing down cheese doodles! Jesus, could he get any fatter?"
by The Phat Kid July 28, 2006
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When you are fingering your woman and you don't know the difference between the butthole and the vagina and you accidentally slip your middle finger into the butthole
Did you do the coyle to me!? That was my butthole!
by notcoyle February 19, 2015
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abbrev. for Creep On You Later, could be used in place of ttyl on facebook conversation.
Alright, coyl on facebook!
by jayfrep November 12, 2010
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The act of being a Coyle or Coyle like
That Grizzly bear's coyleness really shows!
by ManofWar August 25, 2006
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