A different word to use when you feel like saying the word awkward, because awkward has been used ever too much lately. Also, the first word that comes to mind when you see the amount of hair on Mathias's ass.
Person 1: (spontaneously)I think I just piddled myself.
Person 2: (thinking to say awkward, but then remembers Mathias's hairy ass).....queerish
by Tyler Sadex May 14, 2004
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A small boy who is a beta male that is bad at Csgo. His rank is quite low and he enjoys grinding out fortnite. He is very homo and thinks he is good a basketball. Likes BBC.
"Hey why is he not taking A site"

"Oh its because he is Gayzaan Queerish and likes BBC"
by jnojojoj February 27, 2019
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