Counterterrorist / Counter Terrorist

Acronym: CT

A Counterterrorist is one who practices tactics, strategies
and techniques to prevent or respond to acts or threats of
terrorism by terrorists.

A CT may be employed by the government, military,
police department or corporations (see: PMC)
Noteable Counterterrorists:

Solid Snake
Sam Fisher
Jack Bauer
James Bond
G.I Joe Team
Ethan Hunt
Jason Bourne

The CT Team from Counter Strike including:
- The GIGN
- GSG-9
- Seal Team 6

Team America World Police

Noteable Counterterrorist / Intelligence Agencies:

MI5 / MI6
To some extent the FBI
and so on, and so on...
by rzhhhh July 05, 2010
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White European terrorism pre-dates and reigns supreme over that small Johnny Come Lately Camel Jockey Shit.........get real!!!
by Homeland-Insecurity April 19, 2003
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