Counterterrorist / Counter Terrorist

Acronym: CT

A Counterterrorist is one who practices tactics, strategies
and techniques to prevent or respond to acts or threats of
terrorism by terrorists.

A CT may be employed by the government, military,
police department or corporations (see: PMC)
Noteable Counterterrorists:

Solid Snake
Sam Fisher
Jack Bauer
James Bond
G.I Joe Team
Ethan Hunt
Jason Bourne

The CT Team from Counter Strike including:
- The GIGN
- GSG-9
- Seal Team 6

Team America World Police

Noteable Counterterrorist / Intelligence Agencies:

MI5 / MI6
To some extent the FBI
and so on, and so on...
by rzhhhh July 5, 2010
The same meaning as terrorist. Same thing, just from another point of view.
by wez-1 August 14, 2005
White European terrorism pre-dates and reigns supreme over that small Johnny Come Lately Camel Jockey Shit.........get real!!!
by Homeland-Insecurity April 19, 2003