An imaginary state of being. While many social groups define themselves as "counterculture" the only truly counterculture people are geeks, nerds, etc. The only true way to be counterculture is to smile kindly and sincerely at everyone and dress appropriately for the situation.
Fake counterculture guy: I love Black Flag. I have a mohawk.
Real counterculture guy: I love opera. I wear clothes that fit.
by AquaMarina March 20, 2007
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A term used by the dominant culture to make themselves seem edgy and brave. See sheeple and the herd.
"I'm part of the counter-culture!" Proclaims a lone voice in a crowd.
"I'm counter-cultural too" says a second.
"Yes," chants the crowd in unison, "we are all counter-cultural. And we will not tolerate dissent."
(Looting, violence, and or criminal activity soon follow.
by RSMaxwell July 21, 2017
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