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councilitis Syphillis it is a contagious disease,this usually occurs when councilites meet.. councilitis
craighhhh:oight u from scunny mate??councilits phyllis:yeah ave it..(chat up line omfg i know!!)


by ohdearcouncilone April 19, 2009
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Chronic, debilitating condition suffered exclusively by local authority staff in the UK necessitating long periods of absence from work. There are no known physical symptoms although sufferers may appear to have a sore throat/bad back/upset stomach etc. There is no known cure but the condition will usually resolve itself rapidly at the point the employee has exceeded their entitlement to paid sick leave.
Manager: Where is Mark today? Colleague: Oh he won't be in today, he always suffers from Councilitis on a Monday.
by MarkBackers July 08, 2014
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