A Black person. A reference to Africans, used as slave-labor, picking cotton on Southern United States plantations prior to the American Civil War (1861 - 1865).
No damn cotton picker's gonna date my daughter.
by Colonel Kernel March 7, 2008
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Another name for nigger; a black person forced to work in your cotton fields; any person who you order to perform any task that involves labor.
1. Pick my cotton nigger.
2. Why didn't you do my homework? I told you to pick my cotton.
by steve carl jackson June 2, 2005
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a girl that has lost the string on the end of her tampon.
When Jill saw Jane come out of the bathroom stall with bloody fingers Jill called Jane a "cotton picker"
by J. A. Williams August 25, 2006
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A dirty NIGGER! becuase they used to pick cotton
That cotton picker stole my bike!
by JOE HOMIE May 10, 2006
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a thing you say to black people after they insult you
black man: stupid ass hoe you dumb ass nigga
me: stfu and go pick my cotton dumb ass cotton picker cotton cruesader
black man: damn you
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A racist slur to represent a black person, or person of African heritage......this word is used because in the Age of Our Founding Fathers, when blacks were slaves, they were known to mostly pick cotton.
"Stop picking on me you fuckin' cotton-picker!"
by Dave May 13, 2004
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