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to scam someone with little or no thought into the scam
i tried to cornswaggle my mom into letting me have some money she told me to get a job.
by Jesse Castillo May 23, 2007
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to fuck someone in the ass with an ear of corn and then to eat the shit stained object.
after nellie fucked ruth in the ass with the sweet corn she pulled it out and ate it.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
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To invite an uninvited friend to a party that you have been invited to.
I can try to cornswaggle you in there, but Alex is not gonna be too happy if he finds out.
by Devotchka yarbles November 16, 2009
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short fat blonde beaver looking kid ugly, bastard child.
instead of calling someone blonde short fat and ugly or a beaver just use the phrase cornswaggle
by thebeaverhunter January 05, 2010
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