a cap worn while hunting usually with genuine raccoon fur around the top and a genuine coon tail hanging from the end.
Hey, Olivia, lets go get somma dat coonskin!
by Shellyy May 4, 2007
Word meaning Darkskin but in a demeaning way. Africans are affected the most by colorism, and are inflicted with the european standard of beauty. For example when Africans were brought as slaves to the U.S they were forced to get rid of their ethnic hair hence starting the tradition of straightening hair. The lightest slave was conisdered too good to be a field nigga and instead were house niggas. The lightest slave women was raped by the plantation owner and created lightskin children which progressively got lighter as generations of this went on thus creating lightskin black people. Their big noses and lips were conisdered ugly as well hence the stereotypes of those 1930's cartoons. Today lightskin black women are seen more favorably and so is straight hair compared to the natural thick and curly ethnic hair, even black men prefer lightskins and other races over darkskin black women. Also Lightskin Black men are more liked by society and more respected and considered higher class and more educated than Darkskin Black men. Lot of self hating Darkskin Blacks out there like Uncle Ruckus, Uncle Tom, Oprahside, and Michael Jackson due to colorism.
Example 1: Darkskin Black Women: Hey Tay, you wanna comeback to my place tonight
Tay: (This nigga is fucking darker than this women) Hell no, don't nobody want you and yo big ass nose and hair looking like a damn lighthouse bitch, if I see one more Coonskin bitch try to holla at me I'm popping the Uzi out on that hoe.
Niggas: that's right Tay we don't fuck with Coonskins, lightskin bitches for the win my nigga
Lightskin Black Women: (Walks in doesn't even look at the niggas)

Niggas and Tay: Damn she fine as fuck, Ima get on that with her
Darkskin Black Women: (cries but no one gives a fuck)

Example 2: Darkskin Black Man: Hey what's going on here
Po-Lice: Hey this blood crip thug nigga robbed the bank, get on the ground Coonskin, (actually a light skin man did it)
Darkskin Black Man: But officer I wasn't affiliated with this at all, I just got here, look there's the robber right there
Po-Lice: No way he's Lightskin, now get on the ground nigga

Darkskin Black Man: But sir he's holding a bag full of money and a gun, he is the robber
Po-Lice: Alright that's it you stupid gangster Coonskin nigger, (start beating his ass brutally send him to prison for 10 years on a false charge), Lightskin Black Man becomes a model named Jeremy Meeks}.
by juan tortiiakaka;l;ak April 28, 2020
A female pubic hair style that consists of a large frontal bush with a connecting thin bush that trails over her taint and up her gluteal cleft; thus, resembling the hat fashioned from the skin and fur of a raccoon. The "coonskin cap" was a popular style among women in the mid to late nineteenth century and 1970s, and is commonly seen in retro pornography.
Your mom's coonskin cap makes her vagina look like Davy Crockett.
by hot whiskey July 11, 2010
The act of defecating directly atop a person's head.
When your sister was sleeping, I gave her a Coonskin Cap.
by Sir SwizzleStix December 3, 2019