a complete bitch who has no respect for anyone and will hurt u any chance they get most likely to suck dick and eat a guys ass out.
"did u see that dominic coon over there"
"yea man i would hate to know him"
by killer2005 October 07, 2018
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A term used by Chinks to describe arabs that cant suck their own dick and get their bum scratched by coons like George Floyd.
Abdul: Hi Ling Ling!
Ling ling: Shut up u dune coon
Abdul: *bombs ling ling with a plane
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A ''nigger'' who is a ''coon'' &''faggot''for a REASON.
Deji:he slept with my crush.
Ksi: shut up deji we slept together with that girl you such a ''nigger faggot coon''
(deji makes a video where he cries and tells lies about ksi)
Nigger coon faggot
by Dejisucksmypeepee June 27, 2019
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A loot coon is a sect or Loot whoring that is incredibly self centered.
"Joe Schmo Bimbobob" Yo mark i need meds i'm low on health.
"Mark Henry Klein" Nah i'm all out
*Mark Henry Klein Dies*
*Teammates looting body of Mark Henry Klein*
"Joe Schmo Bimbobob" You fucking Loot Coon I needed those meds earlier
"Mark Henry Klein" Fuck you I needed it for later
by CallMeManaMan February 16, 2019
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