1. awesome, great or fantastic.

2. in fashion.

3. neither hot nor cold, but colder than warm.

4. agreeing, or agreeable
1. paramore is cool!

2. that shirt is cool!

3. person1 - bloody hell, its cold out here.
person2 - nah, its just cool

4. person1 - going down the park?
person2 - yeah, thats cool.
by leeko22arsenal November 13, 2007
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cools is the word used when young, Japanese girls refuse to refer to one person. "cools" can be a signal that the girl you are talking to wants to talk to you, but wants you to initiate conversation first. It can also be used when a conversation is dying, and is a signal that the girl in question wishes to continue said conversation. Henceforth, be very careful when proceeding.
"Hey do you see my new bike?"
"Yeah, its awesome!"
"Yeah, i got it for my birthday."
by Trevor Roy AKA Da Shit September 03, 2009
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Something that's relaxed not gettin stressed or heated is conisidered to be cool almost in the literal sense as cool as a cucumber. Wider definition could be acceptance, what's in the trend or fashion.
He's cool for the job
That's a cool cucuber
by Dk Decay December 26, 2003
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The height of conformity, the point where you considered to be adequately normal, and accepted in the lives of popular kids.
"Rather be dead than cool." - most truthful words ever, by Kurt Cobain.
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The word everyone uses when they don't care and they want you to shut up. If your talking and your "friend" says cool that's ur que to shut up.
"Cool" Ashley Benson said as the hair stylist blabbed on.
by Prettylittleliars763 April 27, 2015
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"Yeah, Owen's totally c.o.o.l."
-"I thought you said you didn't like him."
"I don't, because he's c.o.o.l., not cool."
by QueenOfSavagery November 26, 2016
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