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A wonderful sexual act, with the utmost degree of diffuculty.

The act is successfully performed when a woman is sitting in the toilet facing backwards and taking a shit while giving a man a grumpkin while the man is taking a shit in the tank (an upper decker).

Best performed on a public toilet, "friends" toilet, or at work.

The reverse technique with the woman recieving head on the tank from a man on the toilet is referred to as a cookie monster.
Dude A: How was your weekend?

Dude B: Great, I talked my wife into a Snuffalouphagous on Saturday. She wanted a Cookie Monster on Sunday but I said no way.

Dude A: Word
by bfunk_brian April 06, 2009
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1.) An imaginary breed of rampantly reproducing dustrabbits(note: different than dust bunny.
Invisible to the naked eye, they only can be seen while extremely high and when used to finish a sentance.
<i> Plural: Snuffaloughagi</i>
Always say Snuffalouphagous to interupt a friends sentace, for guarenteed laughter.

Stoner #1: Hey man I saw this...
Stoner #2: Snuffalouphagous!
by The Triangle of Stoneditude December 14, 2005
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