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-Also known as 'The Gee'
-The best beach ever
-The best suburb ever
-Famous for its shore-dumpers
-Famous for Giles(A dare-devils retreat at high tide)

Man 1: Lets body surf at the gee
Man 2: nah man unless we wanna break our necks in the shories at coogee
by Saidy12345 January 10, 2009
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A beach suburb located on the east coast of Australia in the city of Sydney. Every summer, Coogee is invaded by British, Irish, American and Canadian backpackers whom become the subject of ridicule, annoyance and getting laid by locals (after they get kicked out of Bondi).
Hamish: Ohh lets go to Coogee!

Connor: Nah, I always get sunburnt their for some reason.
by lovinit November 03, 2006
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Home to the infamous sambo the clown that hides from gay people have you seen him???
Let's go down to coogee and bash Sambo
by MikeHunt51961319313 May 15, 2021
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