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A used tampon placed in a plastic bag. The person who carries bloody tampon contraband is eager to be searched. Repeat offenders often carry bloody tampon contraband to discourage unlawful searches by police and other authorities.
I hope that cop tries to search me again, this time I got a present for him. When he reaches in my pocket this time all he is gonna find is bloody tampon contraband.
by clausemic November 03, 2012

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Part of Speech: n
Definition: a technique in which all or most of the pubic hair is removed with the application of Duct Tape which is then warmed with a heat gun

also called Brazilian Carpenter's wax, bikini wax

Etymology: I heard it here in San Francisco
As erotic as a Brazilian Carpenter's wax can be, the duct tape can leave behind adhesive, so be sure to properly clean your Sub after the procedure.
by clausemic September 20, 2011

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Verb: to wander aimlessly while intoxicated on marijuana. Combination of cannabis and meander.

Colloquially used in San Francisco Bay Area to describe recent Foot-Traffic around medical marijuana co-operatives.

Said to originate by employees of businesses around such cannabis clubs to describe a customer base that is "stoned"
Let's go smoke, and then canander around Fisherman's Wharf
by clausemic August 17, 2010

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