1) Filled with consternation.
2) A general feeling of dread or impending doom.
I am consterned that the boss thinks that this schedule is even remotely possible.
by Joe November 08, 2003
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shocked dismay: a feeling of alarm, confusion, or dismay, often caused by something unexpected
The news caused worldwide consternation and a panic on the stock exchange.
by Oyat April 08, 2006
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The grimace resembling the look someone has when they are taking a big poop that flashes across their face when they are in a difficult or overwhelming situation.
The coach had a look of constipation consternation when several recruits left his program suddenly. frustration, overwhelming feeling, anxiety, shocked, dismay, angry, grimace
by joecoolthefool October 09, 2015
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When somebody wants to do something to someone out of anger but they can't or don't
She was so damn consterned she almost punched her son.
by sithsiri February 18, 2017
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