Wasting time and energy. Being generally unproductive even though you have a lot of very important stuff to do.
Say your light bill is due by 5:00 PM or they're going to turn off your power. A friend comes by at 4:30 PM and sees you napping.. He'd say, "Dude, you better quit congressing and pay your power bill."

Or... you're just hanging out on Sunday morning and a friend calls and asks what you're doing. You'd reply, "Nothing man, I'm just congressing."
by TBRADNC June 28, 2013
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Do-Nothing Fucktards who couldn't solve a problem if it was eating them alive anus first.
If Congress isn't stopped, it will bring about complete economic collapse.
by The Daily Show April 30, 2013
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Getting fully, totally, irredeemably screwed. Made popular by the complete decimation of the India's Congress political party in national elections.
I got badly Congressed at work.
by bora_am May 19, 2014
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To inexplicably debate inane problems at the expense of fixing much larger issues; hypocritically exort others to do things one would not do oneself

To forgo long term solutions in favor of more politically expedient solutions; disregard facts due to political morass

First used by Ezra Klein
Jimmy congressed everything up last night when he kept talking. We never even left the house.

We were about to figure out where to go to dinner and then Tom had to congress it all up.
by Full of Air February 10, 2012
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Where lobbyists go to buy their laws.
Big Corporation: Hmm this toxic waste dumping regulation seems to be affecting our business.

Lobbyist: No problem I'll just pop down to Congress and buy a new one.
by EveryTypeofCake November 22, 2011
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A group of people so corrupted by money that they have no idea how the normal American thinks, but apparently knows enough to tell us what we can and cannot do.
Man From Congress: Who in here would honestly sell their private jet and fly commercial?
by AnonymousVoxPopuli February 5, 2012
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The opposite of PROGRESS.
PRO = Good
CON = Bad
GUY 1: Hey, man, did you hear about what the government's working on in D.C.?
GUY 2: Yeah, but it's not gonna get us anywhere good. They're the Congress.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 17, 2010
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