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To become a combination of confused and frustrated.
The gang banger was confrustrated at the site of a wigger.
by Samuel April 23, 2003
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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a cross between being confused and frustrated.....
Ebony, Jacob and Haidee went to the movies to see Harry Potter.

Haidee said "Oh god I am so confrustrated after watching that movie (Harry Potter)!"
Jacob said "I think your face is confrustrated"
Ebony then rewarded Jacob with a high-5.

And they all went into fits of laughter. :D
by The black manther September 03, 2009
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the process of being frustrated at one's confusion about any particular subject.
Mark: Hey Tom, what's confrustrated mean?

Tom: Well mark, according to urban dictionary, "the process of being frustrated at one's confusion about any particular subject."

by Benz182 April 24, 2010
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Confrustration is the practice of having a topic or discussion with someone that paves off into many different directions, at times. The discussion may not be so clear, or have any definitive properties that makes the topic wander off on both parties. The topic or discussing your perspectives is confusing that both parties attempt to correct each other to determine what is actually meant, but that doesn't go well. It gets so frustrating trying to explain and correct the confusion, that it gets even more confusing and frustrating.
Tyler: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
Brad: The fuck? Fuck no. You see the fatass man in the movie?
Tyler: They should of put your fatass in there
Brad: It's not a Christmas movie, was it released during Christmas?
Tyler: I don't fucking know, does it matter?
Brad: Yes it fucking does, it was fucking released in July
Tyler: So what?
Brad: You shithead, if it was a Christmas movie, it would of been released during December. You're fucking inconsiderate
Tyler: Shut up, I tried ok, it has Christmas elements in it, ok?
Brad: Just because it has elements of a genre or topic, that doesn't mean it was centered around or based off the foundation of the topic the elements derrived from.
Tyler: Sooooo.....Old Town Road isn't a country song?
Brad: You incompetent piece of shit. You're making shit confrustrating. Stop being fucking stupid
Tyler: Sorry fucking "Senor Confrustration." What is confrustration anyways?
Brad: It's the fucking shit you're making me feel right now, dumbass. I am frustrated and confused because of your incompetent shit. Now, shut the fuck up and let me eat my kimchi. I am confrustrated
by NightWalker21 April 09, 2019
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