A = Brooo, may i take a picture with u?
B = shur...
by Rurryadrian January 17, 2014
A member on the IF forum known as Shuryou. 'Shur' is his shortened nickname, along with Shury, Maarty, and others of the like.
He has been known as the king of sexual innuendos as well.
Shur posted several pictures in the ecchi thread.
by HikoKun August 31, 2007
unbelieveable statement. This can't be true!
I am so shur you found the gold at the bottom of the rainbow!
by Kismet Awry November 22, 2003
hiberno-english.(in other words the english spoken in ireland)a saying that means "doesn't matter" or "it cant be helped"
Timmy: Oh no the house is on fire......ah shur.

Calvin:Oh no! i just mangled me toe.....ah shur
by ahshur November 4, 2005
A. Chic way of saying "for sure."
B. Name of an awesome song by The Medic Droid.
1. "OMG! You have to come to my party fer shur!!!"
2. "Dude...I'm listening to "Fer Shur" on my I-Pod! Friggen sweet!"
by Christyisaninja!!! October 31, 2008
Another way of expressing "sure thing".
Yeah shur-thang, Mick. I’m down wih dat. I’m ’hind you all th‘way...
by Victor Van Styn September 27, 2005