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Opposite of procrastination, when one starts on a task almost as soon as it is assigned, and does not rest until the task is done
The concrastinators of the class were working on their homework as soon as the teacher wrote it on the board.
by Dan McClure October 24, 2004
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Is the act of one concrastinating which is when you get things done BEFORE they were ever even assigned! Usually Requires Oneself to step out of their comfort zone in any aspect of their life and excel or advance by completing personal goals that will potentially eliminate/or complete near future tasks/goals. Usually it is a self rewarding mania due to the fact that you complete assigned tasks and goals before it is assigned to you that way at the moment it is publicly/formally assigned to you it is already complete.

It also counts as concrastination by completing extra tasks or goals that may never get assigned but STILL got DONE!

Concrastination can also be defined as completing a recurring assignment/task/goal multiple times so you can get it out of the way and free up some of your time until it reoccurs again after your completed supply is exhausted.

Concrastination can also manifest a lot in academic settings where a student/teacher/pupil takes it upon themselves to explore and comprehend further into the subject/class being studied so that one may complete future assignments weather it was done on accident or consciously aware of the potential assignment possibilities.

Many times being obvious things that could be within a set of tasks to accomplish a larger goal that someone might feel the need to assign it anyway!

In layman terms work before play!
I usually don't take the trash out, but today I am in a state of Concrastination!! sooo... not only am I going to take the trash out but I will also replace the garbage bag in the garbage bin. Because later when I don't want to be bothered, I will be...

by someone asking "Did Anyone take the trash out yet today?!"

then I respond, "Of course I embraced concrastination a lot today, so now I can do whatever I want!"
"And did a new garbage make it to the garbage bin?!"
"Hellz Yea! I get shit done before its assign silly fool!"

Suzy was in a state of Concrastination when she foresaw a potential task, work assigment, or goal that she would have to complete within a month tops! And its something she really doesn't like to do! But Most likely she did it to surprise or impress the person that potentially would assign it!

"I am a Concrastinator, because i get shit done!"
by Bo0M3R 31337 November 18, 2012
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