Spanish word, literally meaning "sweet bread." Can be used to describe a woman's vagina and is synonymous with "sweet pie"
I would love to get a piece of Erika's pan dulce!
by juandeuce October 23, 2006
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Let’s get this bread but in Spanish primarily used on the U.S-Mexican border.
Foo-“Rise and grind Homes, let’s get this pan dulce

Homes-“Shit Foo when you put it like that...”
by SpiffyHam December 27, 2018
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1.) A reference to Mexican sweet bread that is bought at mom and pop grocery stores, bakeries, and or HEB's in south Texas.
2.) A slang for pussy used in the derrogatory manner, much like the slang "joto", "maricon", translated to english meaning queer or faggot.
1.)Can you run to the store and buy some pan de dulce?

2.)Ricky is all pan de dulce because he hasn't gotten that pan de dulce from his chick.
by Turner December 08, 2007
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