An ugly fuck named Ejike
Gk is so conceited to the point HE and ONLY he thinks he is the most beautiful specimen on the planet.

“Gk is so conceited he only thinks about himself!” - everyone at Rowan U.
by Antagronist May 31, 2019
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Somebody who think that they are the only one who matters. The whole work revolves around them in their mind. Nobody else matters to them. They think everybody loves them.
No joke, this girl is so conceited. She believes that her friends' boyfriends only date them to get to her. Plus, I heard her say she thinks she's way better than ol of her friends.
by notxiaosgfofficial June 7, 2017
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When you think you that bitch, but you're not.
You can't walk around being conceited when you wear pack hair.
by SpeedyBih December 27, 2016
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a woman's belief that all she has to do is show up and take off her clothes when she is having sex, as opposed to actually moving.
Her vaginal conceit is off the chain. She doesn't move at all during sex.
by drbillyg March 19, 2014
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