A professional wrestling remake but in block game ROBLOX, It can consist of "Cleans" which are basically ROBLOX Sword Fighting to any fall, if they die from it the person gets the point, or DB Tech/TD which is available to put your opponents through hardcore objects like pro-wrestling with a tool that stuns you and pushes you. Roleplay is most known for Roblox Wrestling, commonly skits or matches but a lot of them flop because something goes wrong or the opponent gets angry at something, that brings to the next thing. You can't trust the community, it is fun but the community is pretty toxic and you can meet some bad people. A good purpose is to enjoy it. Last things, federations are what's the thing in Ro-Wrestling, people wanna make a name for themselves on ROBLOX as a gimmick of their choosing, they make their own or they make a gimmick on a real life wrestler and can use kayfabe whether they decide. They can gain fans from popularity. Federations can grow as time goes on and championships are a big part, whoever is champion everyone will try to target.
Ro-Wrestling is overall fun and exciting.
by Roblox Wrestling December 3, 2020
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Form of ROBLOX entertainment. Involving Wrestling. Ro-Wrestling has an awful community, it is really toxic
What Do You Do On The Weekends?

Oh me? I love Ro-Wrestling
by Hollywood Hooligah July 4, 2018
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Person 1: Me like ro-wrestling
Person 2: Bitch nah I be doin that minecraft hunger games *hits em wit dat default dance*
by A Hip Grandma September 21, 2018
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Roblox Wrestling. There are 3 kinds of ro-wrestling but only 2 matter. Clean and RP. RP is more like Pro Wrestling then clean is but has its faults. Gimmicks are well thought and kayfabe exists in rp unlike clean. Clean is more of a sword fighting game but still is enjoyable.
Roblox did a Ro Wrestling again...
by leokash February 10, 2018
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