In spanish it literally means pork rinds with milk. The disgusting sound to it makes people crinkle their nose. It is used to describe a weird, random, or awkward person or situation like the literal meaning.

Because it sounds so strange, people use it randomly to break the boredom or awkwardness in a conversation. Most of the time it is used when the other user replys just "LOL" because everyone knows that means they are bored of you.
LOL, her hair is like chicharonez con leche!

Guy: I'm making a sandwich.
Girl: lol
Guy: Chicharonez con leche
Girl: LMAO what's that? XD
by NIrvanaNoelle September 17, 2011
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Literally, coffee with milk. In South America, a mixed race person who is light brown, neither clearly white or black. Spanish translation of Brazilian "café com leite". Not an insult, cafe con leche is considered very attractive.
Halle Berry is cafe con leche,with a white mother and black father.
mulatto mixed race melangian mestee mestizo café com leite
by Anubis Dhole March 29, 2010
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A sexual stunt in which a man prior to ejaculating on his partners face, pulls out a can of pepper spray and shoots her in the eyes. Meanwhile as she writhes in pain, the man continues to ejaculate on her.
Anthony: So I totally tried a Chili con Leche last night...

Charles: How did that go?

Anthony: Well we broke up, I don't date blind chicks.
by Tejota624 September 30, 2011
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Best food ever. Waaaaaaaay better then tacos
Bro that arroz con leche tho
by Yo wassa February 15, 2017
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n. a café con leche that is as addictive as crack. See, crackberry.
Jon: I'm on my way to Giralda's, does anyone else want a cracké con leche?

Jane: (shaking) Please. Splenda en el bolso.

Howie: I really think they put something in those-- get me one, too.
by J Robinson October 02, 2006
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Straight jacked, pimp ass narc . Whom, you can usually find people hating on, cause there bittys are straight sweating his fire stee-lo.
Why does rob have to be sir con leche, all the girls are lookin at him.
by leche May 16, 2006
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