“My mom brought me sushi instead of Chic- Fil -A”

Nina stop complaining”
by Golden Face January 16, 2019
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A person who complains a lot; in lieu of, "complains a lot."
"My date was complainful...she/he said it hurt when I shoved my c**k up their ass without any lube."

"He is such a hateful, complainful person."

"Don't be so complainful! You said get me a dime of weed, so what it's a dime of crack?"
by SebsPhlorida February 5, 2010
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When you mention that a person's inherently good trait annoys you.

Usually, the trait is a characteristic you wish you had.
Katie: Tom, in the 5 years I've known you, you have never had a lazy morning, you literally spring up out of bed and start working on the house or whatever needs to be done.

Tom: I hope that's a compliment

Katie: well, it's more of complainment. Sometimes I wish you would just be lazy like the rest of us. Why do you have to be all rammy all the time? I mean, really, it's annoying as fuck

Tom: don't dis, you're just jealous.
by ellare August 28, 2010
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When someone attempts to be negative about an aspect of their life that is in reality, undeniably awesome. A way of verbally showing off without being super obvious or bragging outright.
She was complain-bragging that the hubcaps on her free car don't match her outfit.

He said "I hate that I have to wear a suit and tie to my six figure income job" - what a complain-bragger!
by QuinnTay January 20, 2012
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When someone brags by 'complaining' about something. We all know a person like that.
Joe: Dang, my personal maid, she never folds my socks right.

Alex: Dude, quit with the complain brag.
by Likesototallyrandom September 1, 2010
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One who complains about everything. Never Happy. Can not be pleased. No matter what you do or anybody else does, they complain. The can not see the positive in anything. If there is a negative they will surely find it!
John complains about everything. He is what's known as a serial complainer. He's had several jobs and he finds something to complain about with every one of them and wants to quit. He complains about nearly every situation in life that he encounters. At first he's happy with the situation then when things go slightly wrong he starts complaining. All he knows how to do is complain about every situation.
by ghost-riter April 28, 2017
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Someone who uses facebook for the sole purpose of complaining about his or her life even though their problems are minimal compared to that of society.
Jake: My life sucks and nobody likes me. All I do is play video games and get on facebook.

Rodney: Dude, people have it a lot worse than you do. At least you have internet access and gaming systems. All you are is a facebook complainer. Shut the fuck up and quit feeling sorry for yourself cause no one else does.
by preparation_H August 10, 2011
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