Though predominantly wealthy and Jewish, other ethnicities and eco-social classes do exist...somewhere...Commack is home to one of the highest achieving school districts in the country.

Commack has a bunch of social cliques including JAPs, Preps, Jocks, Punks, Skaters.
Commack has the top kickline team in the U.S.
You know you are in Commack if you...
Love to go to Coldstone
Wear Juicy, Hardtail, SoLo and 2bfree
Have the latest Tiffany
Bring your Coach, Burberry or Dooney to school everyday
Eat Sushi
Wear a side ponytail
Go to sleepaway camp
Have Crocs in every color
Are Jewish
Have a big house and drive a nice car
Belong to the "Club" and play golf there often
Pay someone else to clean your house
Get your nails done every week

Commack, in the running for being one of the jappiest places to live on Long Island.
Commack, similar to Dix Hills only not right next to the LIE.
by Commackgrl July 14, 2006
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A city in Long Island, NY. Let me tell you something, I live here and ZERO of the things below apply to me so obviously that is a false statement. Not everyone here is rich and Jewish.
Person: Where are you from?

Other Person: Commack

Person: Oh you must be rich and Jewish

Other Person: STFU
by hdfgoihfgoivsIO April 30, 2011
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the worst place ever. people say we all get along? check again, there is so many groups of people that if you're not like them, they don't like you. so many rumors start and spread in like .002 seconds. there is such much drama. The girls are even know to be the bitchiest girls ever, even though we arent all like that.
boy:where you from?
boy:ew you're from commack. i hate people from commack. bye.
by thesummerset January 26, 2009
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Commack sits along the LIE at exit 52. One of the more western towns of Suffolk county. People in commack tend to think that they are wealthy Japs and are literally the shit. However, the neighborhood does not pale in comparison to its rich counterpart, Dix Hills. Commack is a trash piece of shit town relative to actual nice areas in LI. Kids in Commack tend to infest Suffolk Community College and usally dont go anywhere in life. Majority of teens smoke pot daily and drink a shit load. The girls are all sluts and bang anything that walks. Also, half the kids in Commack that live on the south side by the middle school try and pawn shit off like they live in Dix Hills. Commack is a wannabe Jap town with a bunch of middle class losers.
by cind October 8, 2009
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Commack is on Long Island, that's in NY by the way. Filled with every type of people imaginable, but we get along. Every nationality, every age group, every personality, and every clique. It's filled with potheads, whores, geniuses, and socialites. There are daddy's girls, independent sons-of-bitches and those who you just can't define. It's a metropolis of the most interesting people you will meet, from the most disgusting to the most amazing people. You just need to find your place among them, because for the most part any circle of friends will have someone unlike them in it.
Commack itself is the best example
by Mike B July 12, 2004
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See also: Boujee Redneck; The town where your pickup truck is more valuable than your Mercedes; The land of big and beautiful houses with small and ugly minded people inside of them.
Commack is a large, wealthy suburb (in comparison to it's neighbors) on Long Island, NY. It is a breeding ground for privileged white boys, as these are the only types of people that matter in this world. Right?

Commack High School is an International Baccalaureate school, a program of which the sole purpose is to make the school itself look better. When on the walking tour of the school, you can look to your left OR to your right to see pants sagging below the ass, Diamond Supply Co. and Make America Great Again hats! You can look straight ahead, however, for a perfect view of what should be a Vinyard Vines catalog ad. The not-so-elusive stereotypical white girl is never too far away, with her death-by-straightening hair, her Michael Kors bag, Steve Madden espadrilles, and her muted pink lace-up body suit tucked in to her ripped jeans. She wouldn't be complete, however, without her Kylie Lip Kit and Passion Iced Tea.
Oh, you're from Commack? I'm so, so sorry.
by comeoutontop August 22, 2017
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A place where the rich act hood and the posers act tuff. A place where anyone can get drugs under 30 minutes. A place where the jews run wild and make the poor look poorer. The shithole of long island, Commack is to New York as New Jersey is to America. A fight is normal 6 to 8 times a day. Good luck in Commack but don't expect any Commack Pride cause we only have 1% left and we're saving that for the next time we win a football game.(never)
Silly white boy go back to Commack.
by CMack Wigger December 6, 2010
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