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A team of girls kicking their legs above their head in a straight line. A kickline team does the same things that the New York City Rockettes do when they perform.
The kickline team won first place at their championship competition.
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kickline is a sports team, it is in no way related to cheerleading in fact, its like the smarter version of cheerleaders. it is more related to dance than anything and is a team of girls who perform routines for competitions as well as at the halftime of both football and basketball games. the routine is high-energy and includes a series of high kicks as well as flexibility skills such as jump splits and leg lifts
wow, i wish i could split like those girls on kickline.
by asfgjdfhoisryh September 20, 2007
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a sport that where it may be fun for those who are the coaches favorite but if your not you can give the fuck up. your coach might be a total bitch and play favorites putting girls she likes on competition teams as opposed to girls who have given up so much and dedicated so much time to her goddamn team, so be wary of your decision to try out. you may be the one who has to go home and cry every night.
"okay girls !make sure you come to kickline practice on time! and work hard!
...except for you can sit out and do nothing as long as you want and i will still put you on every competition team!"

"BUT YOU! YOU DONT DO ANYTHING WRONG! EVER! because i wont! i repeat wont! sugarcoat your critique like i will for (fill in name here)! and i will also batter you to a pulp with comments so you go home and cry after kickline practice....oh but i think i am being realllllly fair and honest"
by thevictimofthegame2 October 10, 2009
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Kickline is a group of girls, who are either on Varsity or Junior Varsity, who kick routines at half time for basketball and football games and for competitions. They are like cheerleaders who dance and kick really high, and get the same respect and cheerleaders do. They wear the little uniforms and get the pom poms. Kickline girls are very flexible and have alot of stamina. A majority of the student body knowns the girls on kickline, they are popular and a majority are preppy. They sometimes wear their uniforms to school, making them very well known.
The kickline team and the football team all went to a party at the quarter back's house after the county championship.
by <?> June 08, 2006
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a particularly devastating punchline; a closing twist in a joke that is so hilarious it causes physical damage
That kickline was so dope I collapsed a lung and choked on my tongue.
by ikilledkojak November 09, 2015
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