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A teenage assassin executing some fun in the cult of life of crime (according to the song)
It is a song by Green Day, appearing on 6th track of their album, American Idiot.
Some believes that he is the alter-ego of Jesus of Suburbia, who appears on the album earlier.
Some believe that St.Jimmy is another different character who Jesus of Surbubia meets and leads him into doing drugs (Give me Novacaine).
He claims himself to be 'patron saint of denial with an angel face and a taste for suicidal'.
From what I know, he is a son of a divorced mother. He seems to have a tougher personality than Jesus of Surbubia.
'St.Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway.
Upon the boulevard like a zip gun on parade'
- St.Jimmy by Green Day
by x.GreenDay..love.x April 05, 2008

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A song by Green Day, appearing on their 7th album, American Idiot.
It is a song about Whatsername sending a letter to Jesus of Suburbia, or St.Jimmy, and telling him how he isn't saving the city (City og the Damned). Whatsername also states in the letter that she is going to leave him and the city behind.
The lyrics of American Idiot are written in a diary form; diary of Jesus of Suburbia's. But for this song, the lyrics are written in Whatsername's writting, but not entirely.
Me: hey, have you heard letterbomb yet?
teenie: wtf? oh that....no. whats the point? i only listen to american idiot, holiday, blvd of broken dreams and wake me up when september ends!
me: and you call yourself a green day fan?
teenie: yeah!
me: you're nothing but a posuer
by x.GreenDay..love.x April 28, 2008

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Foxboro Hot tubs is a side project of Green Day's.
The names of the members weren't clear, but in a interview Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, stated that 'the only similarity (betweem Green Day and Foxboro Hot Tubs) is that we're the same band'.
Their first tour was 15th of May and was held in Oakland, where Green Day originated from.
'Have you heard any of Foxboro Hot Tubs's songs?'
'Yes! The Pedestrian is my favourite!'
by x.GreenDay..love.x May 16, 2008

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Another name for Marijuanna.
Some singers use it in their songs
'To fall in love and fall in debt
to alcohol and cigarette
and Mary Jane'
- Jesus of Surbubia by Green Day
by x.GreenDay..love.x March 18, 2008

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Song appearing on the 2nd track of Green Day's album, American Idiot.
Some believes that he has a split-personality disorder and the St.Jimmy is his other personality.
He is the main character throughout the story in American Idiot. He is a son of a divorced mother who, apparently, is with Brad. He is on 'a steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin.'
He claims that there is nothing wrong with him, and that he is just being himself.
He loiters around 7.11 while doing drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. But later on in the song, he gets sick of his town and decides to leave, moving on to the next song, Holiday.
'I'm the son of rage and love,
the Jesus of Surbubia.
From the bible of,
none of the above.'
- Jesus of Surbubia by Green Day.
by x.GreenDay..love.x April 05, 2008

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A song written by Billie Joe Armstrong and played by Green Day.
It is a song about how a teenage boy has turned seventeen, who has secrets just like anybody. He is wondering if he should tell people about his secrets. His secrets are possibly concering his sexuality.
He has also found out how to be a man.
Seventeen and coming clean for the first time.

I found what it takes to be a man
by x.GreenDay..love.x May 01, 2008

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A song by American punk band, Green Day.
It is seen on track no.4 of American Idiot album.
Only a posuer would answer 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' to the question; 'What is your favourite Green Day song?'

Although it is criticised that Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a 'posuer song',as I mentioned above, its music video has won a number of awards such as; MTV Video Music Awards, Video od the year, Best Rock Video and many more. And the song itself was named Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards 2006.
me: 'hey, what's your favourite song by Green Day?'
posuer: 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams and...American Idiot!'
me: 'That's it? Don't you know other songs by them? there's tons of others! Like Redundant, Longview, When I come around, Walking Contradiction....(goes on forever)'
posuer: 'WTF are all those songs? who sings them?'
me: 'omg. just F.O.D. bet you don't know what that means'
by x.GreenDay..love.x April 04, 2008

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