a streamer that you specifically love watching and feel safe or comfortable with. they will always put a smile on your face when they are streaming
punz is my comfort streamer
by idfk man lol September 30, 2020
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an infantilizing concept created as of recently that didn't exist prior to the weird dream stans. a comfort streamer is a streamer that the audience doesn't view as a person trying to make an income creating content and rather as a streamer who exists primarily to comfort the viewers bc they are depressed and sad. basically, a bad alternative to therapy.
"omg i love fundy. he's my comfort streamer."
by Bulat butter February 7, 2021
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A streamer who you enjoy watching. This streamer usually puts a smile on your face and fills you with joy whenever you watch them. Commonly confused with stans and simps, but stans are fans who obsess over the streamer and simps are people who spend money to get streamers to notice them.
Wilbur soot is my comfort streamer. Whenever he streams he makes my day better :D
by achilles___ November 6, 2020
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A streamer you enjoy watching and that brings a smile to your face
Strawml is my comfort streamer I love watching her on twitch
by Strawml simp lmao January 30, 2021
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Type 1: Someone you love to watch that puts a smile on your face because their calm and comforting...
Or Type 2: someone who is loud, annoying, obnoxious and cringe that you say is your comfort streamer just because your cringe and obsessed. Type 3: someone who's OK in general, but you and other people in their fan-base force the title on them, and you and those people ruin the streamer's content.
"oh this person's my Comfort Streamer."
"type one, two, or three?"
by ImDeo February 25, 2022
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A comfort streamer is somebody who you always watch, they always put a smile on your face when you watch them. Maybe if you have a bad day, you go on twitch and watch your comfort streamer.
"person is awesome, they're my comfort streamer!"
by HadsDoesThings February 23, 2022
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A person usually who you enjoy watching and feel safe around and comfortable, usually putting a smile on your face etc. Most comfort streamers play minecraft.
by Muchrm February 24, 2022
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