Tiktoker/twitch streamer.
The synonim to words "Unfunny", "Cringe"
Has no taste in comedy at all
-Hey do you know Jellybean?
-Yeah. I heard about that unfunny bitch
by Kastle63 February 11, 2022
Synonym: fatherless
Someone who doesnt have a dad is a jelly bean watcher
Mom: Hey, do you watch jellybean?
Son: Does it look like my dad forgot the milk at the store?
by Averagegymenjoyer April 23, 2022
a minor who dose PNGtubing and who is hated on for being cringe and being doxxed but is now being apologized at because of the ammonisation we call Meowbahh
Haters: soz jellybean we have meowbah to hate at
by fishyam April 8, 2022
The cutest cat in the world. She is orange and white, borderline retarded, and has a head tilt. She likes salmon, destroying laptops, socks, and mittens.
The was a vote among all people in the world, and every single cute thing was on the ballot. Jellybean won 82% of the vote!.
by CLittle July 11, 2008