An individual or a person of whom provides a service for the betterment of the paying (or non paying) customer.
An "ozzman" can be underappreciated and rank low in society, and still hold the "ozzman" title.

Examples of an ozzman:
- Takeaway owner/cashier
- Pizza delivery man
- Bus driver
- Taxi driver
- Local corner shop owner
- Janitor
- Waiters/waitresses/hosts
- etc.
Harry: Yes Chris, it's 12:25pm, I'm rather peckish. Let us venture on to Pizza Nova, ozzman serves that fresh good good.
Chris: Yes mate.
Arrives at Pizza Nova
Harry: 16" BBQ Chicken pizza, extra BBQ, hold the chicken.
Ozzman: Say no more.
Ozzman serves up a fresh piping hot 16" straight from the stone oven, extra BBQ, chicken: held
Harry: Thank you ozzman.
Harry and Chris exit the scene
by Emsall April 3, 2019
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