Short for "community." Com refers to communities that revolve around cyber crime and doxxing. Coms are typically comprised of teenagers from the age ranges of 14-17 who rather scam, sim swap, fraud, and engage in destructive behaviors instead of getting a real job or skill. They are primarily made up of script kiddies, and aggregate on games like roblox, minecraft, and vrchat because real life socialization is scary. About 1% of them have actual coding experience. Their fates are to either eventually get a real job or to be caught by law enforcement.
"Yo, is that a comkid?"

"Yea he spends his life on discord and doxbin 24/7."
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- A word used when you don’t like something or don’t find it appealing.

- Can be used to replace the word “Bulls***”.
“Man, this game is some Com.”
“That shot he just made was Com.”
by Oncetoldaround February 27, 2019
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1.) a legend or person of importance. Most likely stands for "Cream Of Man".
2.) a legend in Canada orginally from Compton, California.
"Dude that guy is a legend, he's Com."
by Cameron1989 February 10, 2006
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Com is a dumbass and he's from Canada.
by Skeevy August 13, 2003
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Com is slang for a friend, or a main man.

Synonyms: Compadre, Comrade, Companion, Friend, Blood Brother.
What’s up Com? How you been?”
by Potent2117 April 25, 2020
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She told me, "No com, no sex."
by Steve June 29, 2004
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