Stereotypical students who are universally similar. They listen to music like dave matthews band and Bloc party, like pizza, drink alcohol frequently, wardrobe consists of event T-shirts, flip flops, "aged and worn" jeans, are exceedingly technology saavy, watch shows like entourage, family guy, chapelle's show, south park and the like, frequently have drunken one-night stands, many males resort to experimental goatees and haircuts, often spend many of their days lounging around eating low level foods like ramen noodles and mac and cheese recovering from drinking binges.
"American Pie 2 really captured the essence of college kids."
by IDBFTW August 15, 2007
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They are basically two types of college kids and it is narrow down to the introvert to the extrovert.

Extroverted college kids: These are the kids that are living it up, partying, getting laid, get drunk on the weekends, staying up all night, and sleeping in til about noon. They are usually majoring is business or political science and getting low grades, or taking their generals. They are the ones that are on a sport team, and always have a girlfriend/boyfriends. Guys are seen wearing the college frat look with the hat backwards and bermuda shorts, while girls is 5 inches of cleavage and 20 pounds of makeup with booy shorts.

Introverted college kids: This are more of the kids that just go to class and are in more of an introverted, introspective major such as philosophy or art. These kids general don't dress as flashy and have more of an artsy side to them. They like being creative and love to draw, paint, write music, etc. They are usually seen joining small clubs and hanging out at local bookstores and coffee shops, or playing video games. Always have an iPod stuck to their ears. These kids also may like to hang with their family and hometown and live in apartments or off campus housing.
College kids are either introverts or extroverts.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
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A Douchy College Kid is a guy who just walks around the streets all day long. he usually has a hunched back and calls people his buddy all the time. he is a very clueless person.
1) Random Person: Hey Douchy College Kid, whats up?
Douchy College Kid: Uhh, i dont know?
2)Random Person: Hey Douchy College Kid!
Douchy College Kid: Oh hey little buddy!
by Buster!!! September 13, 2012
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Broke people. Doesn't matter if they're in college or not.
"Can you buy me this brand new car?"
"No I'm one of those college kids!"
"You must be broke then."
by Hange Zoe is best girl May 7, 2022
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