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College Station, home to over 78,000 residents, is the largest city in the metropolitan area (pop. 152,000), and is home to Texas A&M University, the third largest public university in the nation. A Big XII Conference school and a major research institution, Texas A&M brings diversity of race, culture and nationality to College Station, and reflects much of the vibrancy, tradition and spirit that make it a special place.

College Station is in the "heart" of central Texas. Less than 90 miles from Houston and Austin and 150 miles from Dallas and San Antonio, College Station is within four hours driving time of more than 16 million people. A network of well-maintained highways and the College Station regional airport serviced by major international airlines facilitate quick transportation between College Station and the rest of the country.
The largest engineering school in the nation is in College Station, Texas.
by jrd August 08, 2004
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A tiny speck of a town in the heart of Texas. It's entire existance depends on the money spent by Texas A&M students on alcohol. Drinking at Northgate is the main town activity.
Let's goto College Station and drink.
by Pablo the Caver July 22, 2004
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A small Texas college town that is fucking crazy for football, George W. Bush, and collies. A great place to recruit people for militias, line dancing, and other redneck good times. Not a good place to build bonfires.
Man those college station kids are militant bastards. But that said, you can't mock their line dancing skills.
by billy J. March 04, 2006
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A small city known for its close sense of community and overall excellent living experience. Texas A&M University, an college highly recognized for its excellence in education, especially in science, is the central part of the town; at least 1/3 of the citizens are employed by TAMU. As a town enveloped in tradition, College Station is slow to change, which , in part, is what makes the town such a good place for families.

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A conservative shithole who loves this armipit of a town.

PS: If you are artsy, liberal, and utterly insane, I highly recommend Austin.
College Station
by Aldrpc January 12, 2012
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CS-Conservative Shithole
You going to A&M-Have fun living in the conservative hell of College Station
by doobop August 26, 2006
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- Commonly referred to as the armit/buttcrack of Texas.
I bet life in CS blows!
by CorporationX May 02, 2005
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