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This is another name for City College of New York, a lousy cheap ghetto college in Harlem made out of shit. When walking through the college campus, you will probably step on a pile of monkey shit or get mugged because it is that bad. Everything at shitty college is broken because the college cant afford to fix anything.

Shitty college has the worse academic standards than a community college would have. The college has lots of homeless students and lots of mentally ill and mentally disabled people who are very psycho and do lots of cocaine. The students can't write a paragraph or solve a physics problem there without going into a total meltdown. Oh and this college is ugly.

Shitty college has lots of black squirrels and monkeys though.
My sister went to shitty college in Harlem and now she is homeless. She should have went to Columbia University.
by Bryan Milk May 17, 2016
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