(n.) - When the two words you type in to a CAPTCHA anti-SPAM window -- in order to let the comment section know that you are not an auto-spammer -- have an amazingly real or ironic connection to the theme of the topic you were commenting on.
"Wow, what a coincidence! I was posting a comment about Rush Limbaugh on a website, and I had to type in two words to get past the CAPTCHA anti-SPAM system and the two words the system gave me were were 'connection' and 'hellish'. What an amazing captcha coincidence, huh!"

-- overheard at a watercooler in an office complex in Mountain View, California
by PRwiz101 October 12, 2009
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This is a phrase coined by C Haddon Chambers and it can be taken to mean either :-
1. The broad far-reaching power or influence of coincidence;
2. Things just happen;
Note: See also Shit Happens
Why is it that everything Malcolm does turns to rat shit?
That's because it's Malcolm, not even the long arm of coincidence.
by AKACroatalin August 23, 2020
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While editing, coming across a word you had submitted yourself weeks earlier.
Wow, I'm judging my own word! What an urban dictionary coincidence! approve approve approve!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011
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To end the life of a coin.
Did you see the news? They finally got that guy on 3 counts of coincide.
by brudda123098 March 25, 2021
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Something that doesn't connect between A and B, and doesn't appear to relate between the two, if it does at all.
It doesn't seem to be any coincidence that both officers involved in Minneapolis area killings were senior officers and not newcomers. Perhaps someone (benefitted from) wanted newcomers to be given more of a chance than the old school officers, to be thought by the public to be safer and somehow more trustworthy.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2021
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4 is all of these:
As you can see, there are 4 ways to make 4 out of 4 and the square root of 4, and even a way to make 4 out of 4 4s.
A: Why are you writing 4444444444444444 on your math homework?
B: 16 is 4 squared so I am writing 16 4s. There are even more 4 Coincidences, like this one.
There are 4 ways to make 4 out of 2 2s. 2+2, 2*2, 2^2, and 2^2 2 times.
by Sebastian Herb November 30, 2020
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