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A way to get a caffeine high when you have instant coffee and toilet paper. The coffee is parachuted and swallowed. A common practice in jail.
The inmates were wild and loud after doing fifty coffee bombs apiece that morning.
by railbird22 August 06, 2010
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The giant shit you take after your first or second cup of coffee in the morning.
Employee: Hey, Boss, I gotta go drop a coffee bomb; that last cup of java is beginning to cause a storm in my stomach.
by elstrongo March 06, 2017
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Toilet paper rapped in a cylinder around your hand roughly 20 times then the ends rolled in it. Take it and place the bottom at a angle with one side on the wall so it can get air and light it from the bottom. It will burn for roughly 50 seconds without smoke. If you saved the coffee from breakfast in your milk carton you can place it over the flame and heat up said coffee.

A way of heating things inside a building without smoke.
I saved my coffee and a slice of Ham from breakfast so tonight when we joist out on that all night flight I have shit to cook on the Coffee bomb
by Dapaperman June 03, 2017
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