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A programmer who isn't actually involved in any aspect of conceptual or design work, but simply writes code to specifications given.
Nah, I'm not really a web *designer*, just a code monkey.
by Ian Maxwell July 04, 2004
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A show on G4TV Network that follows the lives of 1980's game programmers Dave and his best friend Jerry. They work for a company called Gameavision, a name play on the classic game company Activision, and are constantly causing problems (and in the 3rd episode leaving, only to return after their failed company, Stonervision, goes baknrupt) at the company. The show is animated in an 8-bit art style, and much of the show's humor is based off of video games.
Code Monkeys Episode 2, E.T

Dave: One more question, why is my penis green?
Jerry: Well I can explain that too, because around 2 a.m., high out of your mind Dave, you painted it so it would look like, and I quote, "A sexual serpant capable of spitting its venom everywhere."
Dave: Damn it, I knew I was a genius.
by Alex Freeman August 04, 2007
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An affectionate term for a specific kind of underpaid, overworked (often by volition), increasingly underappreciated indentured servant, otherwise known as a Software Programmer.

Derrived from the Latin-Greek "Codex" and the Obsolete-Japanese "Donkey Kong San"
"Socrates says we're all just expendable code monkeys, sitting here in the late Tokugawa period. . ."
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
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1) Computer Programmer. Someone who is skilled in the ways of coding.
2) Porn addict. See computer science.
1) Dave: So what do you want to do in the future?
Greg: I want to be a codemonkey.

2) Dave: So what do you want to do in the future?
Greg: I want to be a codemonkey.
by MoonKnight November 18, 2002
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An under-appreciated member of a development team who is often given simple, demeaning tasks that would often go to others below their station. Often a developer is called a Code Monkey because the rest of the team believe they have less skill and understanding than themselves.
Oh yeah, that's Fin, he's just the Code Monkey of the group...
by Korrolat February 21, 2017
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