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a blend of the terms 'cock" and "package", originally used by jessica ******, after complaining about getting it in the butt from her boyfriend, who "had a big cockage"
It was a lubed-up cockage...
by Guitarman357 August 28, 2004
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Partial exposure of the penis usually by teenage boys wearing their pants well below the waist. Akin to women's cleavage and plumber's crackage.
Several boys were suspended from school for displaying cockage
by Wildthing February 18, 2013
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Having not seen something/someone for such a length of time that it can only me measured in ages of cock.
Guy 1: "Hey Bro, you remember California Games for NES? I have it. "

Guy 2: "Holy shit man, I haven't played that game in cock ages.
by the realness February 25, 2013
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