mass amounts of cocaine in your brain
Yo nick did you bring the cocina?

Yea bro i have 10 8 balls haha!
by PhiL dA CooKa September 13, 2008
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a word you use to distract someones attention...or to try to interupt a conversation.
You: i hate that girl shes such a bitch!
Your Friend: I know like omg

(change subject)
then its all Good.
by Noraaaaa July 30, 2005
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Permission granted to WASPY Wives of Latin husbands to politely skip a family functions on the guise of "having prior plans."
"I don't know if I'm up for another night more loud story telling and chain smoking, I think I'm going to use the Cocina Pass on this one..."
by Three G September 12, 2007
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It will make you stay up all night
what a extreme rush
person1:oh man did you go to sleep last night???
person2:my friend la cocina helped me stay dazed for hours
by drugs are bad, mmmmm-kayyy September 04, 2006
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