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a slang term for ketamine which is usually in a powdered or liquid form.
damn son that was some fire ass kit kat

yea nigga i stay cookin that shit up
by PhiL dA CooKa August 06, 2009

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when a vette passes by or an avalanche passes by a chevelle
phewwww that a fast break, vette pass by thats a fast break
by PhiL dA CooKa August 13, 2009

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a dutch master cigarillo, usually grape, strawberry, or cognac flavor
so you guys wanna grab a sloochin von doitchen?

your fucking goddamn right, we have a big fat sack to toke
by PhiL dA CooKa October 12, 2011

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mass amounts of cocaine in your brain
Yo nick did you bring the cocina?

Yea bro i have 10 8 balls haha!
by PhiL dA CooKa September 13, 2008

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Smoking a massive amount of blunts in a short period of time
"Yo nigga last nite i was mad blunted"

"I know son, i was MAD BLUNTED"
by PhiL dA CooKa June 29, 2009

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methamphetamine, usually in crystal form.
damn beazy ill phil is on point wit his crissy

no doubt son he be givin the whole town meth mouth!
by PhiL dA CooKa July 27, 2009

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