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1. A fictional police detective portrayed by a fictional character named Nathan Wind in a fictional TV show called Sabotage. This was the inspiration for the Beastie Boys video of the same name. A homage to 70's/80's police detective dramas.

Played by the Beastie Boys MCA, aka MC Adam Yauch, aka Nathaniel Hornblower.

2. A person who looks dashing in aviator sunglasses and a fu-man-chu moustache.

3. A moniker used by a Police Officer on a variety of internet fori.

Not to be confused with the indian guy, Cochise.
What were you for Halloween, Mark?

Oh, me and my roomates were the B-Boys in Sabotage. I was Cochese and got laid by three girls!
by James Balboa March 29, 2006
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When half the bowl pack has been smoked, and your already to high to finish the rest.
"holy shit lennon you cochesed ."
by Sexbombomb April 07, 2016
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