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If your last names cobos your superior to all human race and everyone loves you.Cobsum is the hottest song on the market and everyone love you for who you are
Damn I wish my last name was cobos
by Lilcobs69 October 18, 2019
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CoBo is a nice person with a pure heart. He could do anything for you even if it needs sacrificing his peace. CoBo is originally taken from the chemical element "Cobalt", and it's been chosen because it involves iron. So, in other word, it's more like saying "strong man".
John is very CoBo
by RasSunshine April 12, 2021
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1. A scavenger. A person or animal who eats anything. One who feasts on leftovers.

2. A man who is willing to have sex with any woman, no matter how ugly they are. These people don't give a fuck who they tap up. These people consider pussy the only concern, rather than looks, personality, or hygine.
1. Dan Dan is a cobo! He eats all the leftovers!

2. Callie is a fuckin' cobo because of all these grissly ugly bitches he gets with!
by kilo May 30, 2003
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A blue colored alcoholic drink similar to a margarita. But sour, sweet and good. Tastes better when it's mixed with something else.
Nikko: Oi! Bartender! I want another cobo!
by Nikko May 12, 2005
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someone who sucks cobos dick
Izzy is a cobo sucker
by mrcobosucker January 27, 2022
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A hand job, typically purchased from a prostitute, in the vicinity of Cobo Center and Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan. A Cobo Joe with slaw is obviously a hand job using coleslaw from the actual Cobo Joes bar and grill.
After the hockey game we should grab a couple of cobo joes and hit up the yitty bar or we could just get some beers at the actual Cobo Joes.
by Dr. W.H. Cosby January 8, 2009
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The polite and secretive way of saying 'I fuck hobos'
You my use it to prank call people, by saying it is your name.
Radio Station DJ: Hello caller, your on the line. What's you name?
Radio Station caller: Hello, Ifur Cobos is my name.
Radio Station DJ: Ok Ifur C-.. HEY WAIT A SECOND!

I furc-obos
by Joodieeeee February 9, 2009
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