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1. A scavenger. A person or animal who eats anything. One who feasts on leftovers.

2. A man who is willing to have sex with any woman, no matter how ugly they are. These people don't give a fuck who they tap up. These people consider pussy the only concern, rather than looks, personality, or hygine.
1. Dan Dan is a cobo! He eats all the leftovers!

2. Callie is a fuckin' cobo because of all these grissly ugly bitches he gets with!
by kilo May 30, 2003
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A blue colored alcoholic drink similar to a margarita. But sour, sweet and good. Tastes better when it's mixed with something else.
Nikko: Oi! Bartender! I want another cobo!
by Nikko May 11, 2005
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Occasionally used as "Coboman." Prefix meaning awe-inspiring or shocking, but in any case implies emotional, sometimes physical, impact. Believed to be derived from "Coboman Project," in which a reference to a Korean software incident is made.
1. The pieces exhibited by that artist were fairly coboreprehensive.
2. Look out for that CobomanPunch!
by Charles Cabos March 10, 2004
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