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the art of receiving oral performances whilst playing call of duty. (better if your on xbox, ps3 is for pussys)
i got a cobby the other day, still managed to beat the noobs
by peterjackson1 September 22, 2010
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A type of dog body style that is, or is nearly, as high as it is long. Common "cobby" dogs include Pugs and English Bulldogs.
That dawg is as cobby as a side salad from Mickey D's.
by TangoYank August 27, 2009
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A person who's only talent is something totally useless
Joe, you're a total Cobby, all you can do is type on the keyboard quickly.
by Mr.Motherfucker February 24, 2015
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a cobby is a fairly organized, librarian type burnout. a cobby accepts the ways of the burnout not just as an enjoyable act, but as a life style. they live and literally breath it... and they hold it in for a few seconds before they blow it out. a cobby generally tries to be very clean, proper, and organized in their burnout ways, causing people to laugh at them very often. because of this fact, cobbys also tend to be lil bitches when something does not go how they think it should, but usually, another hit or shot will put them back to normal. their favorite sports include hangover golf, and drunken pin my dick in his ass. they are usually very shy, but using alcohol and marijuana as bait, they can easily be captured and held hostage for a ransom fee. depite all their flaws however, cobbys tend to be very enjoyable party buds, as long as they aren't little faggots.
"Yea I hung out with Bobby last night."
"Bobby? That cobby burnout?"
"Yea man. We got fuckin WASTED. But in the morning, he just looked at his watch and said, 'ah, shit' and left."
"Oh. He probably just had a golf tournament."
by annonymous burnout August 17, 2007
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1. Relating to the old saying, "She has cobwebs between her legs".
2. A woman or man who is irritable, bitchy, mean, and inverted due to the lack of a good lay over a long period of time.

3. Usually the person half 'put together', sitting alone at a dive bar having an intense, yet quiet conversation with their margarita.
Person 1
"You see that lady all alone back by the old pool table? I bet even YOUR ugly mug could get lucky with that one."
Person 2

"More like unlucky. Chick is cobby as hell."
by Argustus rennif February 05, 2018
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