A black person with who is either A) invoker of epic lulz or B) flat out awesome. You could say individuals who are called coal train "Bring the coal...baby"
Sean: Dude Chris is so cool, he was talking about how he fingered two girls last night
Kareem: He's a regular Coal Train!
by Vaginabuttfarts March 5, 2008
The real reason why black equal rights were intrduced into America, the man behind MLK
In the 1960 s Coal Train, inspired by Gandhi helped MLK lead peaceful protests.
by RumTruffle April 21, 2010
when a man gets a peekera shit peeking out of the asshole then goes and sun dries the dingle berry until hardened then inserts shit into a womans vagina withe the dried feces still in the asshole
your pussy smells like shit susie
yeah i know just got a louisiana coal train
oh shit!
shit is right
by Dr.DeMarini October 29, 2010
It means you need and energy booster or some sort (Gatorade, pills, etc) power you have sex or you'll be to tired, or "weakened" easily.
"Your boyfriend is a real Coal Powered Train."
I know right, he just keeps "chugging" along."
by Chuga chuga chuie April 19, 2016