Country music television, a place where hicks can join freely and dance in the nude with a pony tails.But for the chick hicks its different...they clean on those 300 year old washboards in those cover up dressings..But I guess nowadays, anything is better than mtv.
CMT sucks, they need a new good music channel.That combines rock with punk and some hip hop for some flava....yo.
by Anal douche September 14, 2003
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A slang term usually used in a text message meaning---- curled my toes.
"So Katie how was sex last night with Kevin?"

"OMG it CMT!!!!!"
by Brian#neverknow February 18, 2014
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Acronym for Chief Marketing Technologist, the person responsible for all marketing-oriented technology in a company. Like a CTO just for the marketing department.
The CMT reports to the CMO and the CIO.
by Scott Brinker March 21, 2008
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Stands for Conneticutsp? Mastery Test, a standardised test given to conn. students k-8 every 2 years.
When do we have CMT testing?
by mister waffulz May 9, 2005
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CMT=the best music station on television! Country music is "da bomb" and HICKS RULE!!!
the television station! channel 327 on DirecTV!!
by Jessica Dennison May 27, 2004
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I was on the highway and CMT blew past me and sucked my paint off with a nutsack goatee for the 2K04.
by King of Taint January 27, 2004
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