Crying myself to sleep
Since I can't sleep, Ima cmts.
by Yep.p April 9, 2017
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She went to school to be a CMT, that is why her massages are so good.
by Errol B. December 12, 2005
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A shorthand version of the word comment, usually used on sites like MySpace.
I just added some new pix... cmts would be nice.

I'll cmt you back.
by Skye E. April 20, 2007
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CMT stands for “cap master Tausek” which is what you call a person that likes to cap, or lie a lot.
Random person - hey I was at the bruins game yesterday
Me - that is some cmt right there
by Baja fast August 12, 2021
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A cable network that claims to play country, but mostly only plays the excruciating pop crossover crap that is ruining what was left of decent country. Watching this "new country" crap makes me feel as if it's Crushing My Testicles.
I just saw Faith Hill on CMT singing "This Kiss". Makes me want to take This 30 ot 6 and shut This bitch up. CENTRIPICAL IS NOT A WORD, FAITH!
by tim deal August 27, 2004
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A so called 'Gang' in southwest dorset. Yes that's right... Dorset. Right in the heart of the countryside. CMT stands for Contemptuous Mindless Twats. However they like to think it stands for criminal minded thugs. Classy name eh?! CMT is made up by a few small boys, whom like to swagger as they walk, and wear scarves round their faces. Presumably because they get chilly noses. Other dress codes include very cheap materials usually from cheap sport outlets. They buy them a few sizes too big so that the clothes drape from them. This is because they cannot afford a new wardrobe every year, so they need to plan for the future and buy clothes for now, AND when they grow up. They released a soundtrack, to which many people laughed at. It was one of the CMT boys drivelling mindless words, showing how dense he was. CMT will inevitably end up in prison, making fond aqquaintence with the other gentlemen in the showers.
'Hi James!'
'Yo, fuck ya mum. My name aint James it be Tweetie Pie Birdy and I iz from, wait... CMT. I maked a sound track...'banged my mum and my sister one week ago, im pretty proud so i'll say it out loud Yeahh im a homo...'
by W.O.T.M April 14, 2009
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