Used in Scotland
verb: to tell-tale on someone, usually to someone in authority.
noun: a person who tells tales on others - a tattle-tale.
The little shit clyped to the boss on me for taking that hour off.

Aw, never let him know anything you're up to - he's a clype.
by Macdonaldinho July 20, 2008
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A grass......a tell tale....a weasel or Lorraine Young.
"My name is Lorraine, I clyped on Kira who in turn got a stern telling off from Andrew McCabe"
by Kira_J November 2, 2005
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n. A phrase used to describe any emotion or situation

BG: Derived from the ancient method of clipping ones nipples.

Especially used in the subtle dance of foosball.
That's downtown nips.
by the orca April 6, 2004
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