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A clubber is one who dances or raves, also known as a raver, parties to techno, electronic, electronica, or the like. However, there are different types of clubs. There are goth clubs, rock clubs, underground clubs, etc. Clubbers usually dress either distinctly (bright colors, strange clothes, much like a raver, or skimpy, short skirts, tight clothing. Again, wardrobe depends on the type of club you attend.
A clubber also visits many clubs, or goes club hopping, hence the phrase clubber. Clubbers are usually not made fun of, and have their own community, and are quiet to other groups of people. They sometimes have spontaneous attitudes, and when made friends with, can be fun to party and hang out with.
"Where was John all weekend?"
"He's a clubber, where do you think he's been?"
by Brandon M. S. September 13, 2006
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Urban Copenhagen social stigma:
A person wearing extremely tight clothes, combined with being seemingly underweight!
Fancying himself/herself as such a cool high-end Pete Doherty type of original character, but in the end just looking like you average heroin addict.
Clubbers are commonly found in places like Luux, the infamous Dansebaren and events like I Am and the like.
Clubbers celebrate each other and amongst clubbers the word "Clubber" i as positive
About a place
Q: Are you going to Luux to night?
A: Are you kidding me? The place is stuffed with clubbers

About a person
What a hiddeous little clubber

Among Clubbers:
"Martin you are one of Copenhagens finest Clubbers"
"Clubber for life, baby"

by nbx March 06, 2009
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Ever had a lot of bud, but nothing to smoke it with? Some people turn to blunts, others to papers. What about those who want both? Those people turn to the clubber. But what is a clubber?

It is a blunt-status doobie. Aptly named because it looks like a club, as opposed to a bat, toothpick, etc. Much like a real club, after using it, a large amount of people will be fucked up.
Hey dude, we have enough bud to roll a blunt but we ain't got no phillies; we should probably roll a clubber.
by babar the greattest October 17, 2010
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-people who act like theyre better than everyine else knowing that theyre not

-not to be mikstaken with raver because all clubbers are all about the drugs and ravers are all about the plur
person 1: "man youre a clubber"

person 2: "heeellllll nooooo!!!! imma straight raver son!"
by dattoneechickk69 December 30, 2010
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