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Apk-crew if your reading this your ass jus got clowned majorly!
by joe December 18, 2004
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A large village in Chesterfield. Derbyshire. Clowne is homage to the nationally renowned and praised Heritage School where all students strive to smoke the biggest joint. Upon entering the centre of Clowne, you will be greeted with a good old fashioned upper class Tesco, a Wilkinsons and finally an Aldi. Going past Aldi will take you to what used to be the local skate park for local youths to pal about on and generally just have a fun time. Just up from the skate park is "Kebab shop lane" which as the name suggests, is filled with kebab shops and a little corner shops that runs paper rounds. If you are caught on this road without a standard issue kebab, you will be breaking the local authority's laws. Also in the centre there are 2 pubs to be found, The Nag's Head and The Anchor. The Nag's Head is a timeless classic for comedy LADS and drinkers alike whilst The Anchor maintains a more rather civilized approach to drinking. If you are caught in this area after the time of 11pm, you will likely be offered a fight with the winner's reward being a chicken chow mein from Ma's kitchen just across the road.
Oi nah I've heard people from Clowne are well ard
Wanna pop up to Clowne on the weekend and have a kick about?
by definitionjar August 25, 2016
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